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UPDATE: The Three Stores That Have (Or Will Have) Twinkies

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5:15PM - Perhaps you saw our map of Jewel Osco stores this morning at 10AM of where you can and can't buy Hostess Twinkies. There were 7 North Side stores as of that time that were sold out and 3 that were still expecting a shipment of Twinkies. Welp, as of right now, 5:15, you're still in luck. The location at 4355 N Sheridan has a limit of one per customer at $3.66 each and there are still a few shelves of product left. The store at 5343 N Broadway is expecting their shipment now between 7PM and 11PM and the 24-hour store at 3400 N Western will most likely get them tonight but wait for a manager to come in tomorrow morning to put them out on the floor.
· 10:00AM: Which Jewel Osco Stores Haven't Received Final Hostess Twinkies Shipment Yet [Racked]