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'Revive' Your Life With RiNo Hydration Clinic Opening Saturday

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You Racked readers are young, hot and well-traveled jetsetters and scenesters, but all of that fabulousness can take a toll on your body: the constant partying (and drinking), gourmet eating, frequent air travel and lowered athletic stamina will not prove to be healthy in the long run as you get older. And in an effort to keep up that fast paced lifestyle, you'll probably forget one thing that's sure to prolong your life and improve your mental, physical and aesthetic health: staying hydrated. We're certainly guilty of only using water in the shower, and haven't touched a glass of water in...well, we've forgotten how long it's been... But as with everything, a new clinic will keep us all on track, and it opens on Saturday to the public.

Revive Hydration Clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Jack Dybis, a board certified surgeon. In his many years of practice, he witnessed how IV hydration therapy changed the lives of so many. He understood how easy it was to become dehydrated in day-to-day living, and believed that there should be an affordable and beneficial solution to the hydration problem. Enter IV therapy at Revive--an in-office one hour treatment that replenishes what's been lost. The therapy is said to battle hangovers, rid the dreaded run down feeling, moisturize dry skin, counter the effects of jetlag, and improve athletic performance. The IV that does this injects one liter of fluid which equals two to three liters of water. We know what you're thinking: 'have someone stick a needle in my arm for an hour when I can just drink water?!' We thought that too, but each therapy session is targeted with certain additives to help relieve whatever ailment or issue you're trying to cure, and does it instantly, not over time. Ka-ching! And from the looks of the place, once you're there, you'll forget all about the IV.

Revive is a 2500 square foot facility in River North, and will house lounge chairs with blankets, cold packs and eye masks at your disposal, to promote relaxation and wellness (thank God). Free wi-fi is available for those of you that NEED your iPad or iPhone as much as hydration, and a conference table for laptops if you're so inclined to work at some point during your session. Still worried about your session? Well this should ease your pain a little bit: each session is only $99 AND depending on the case, the doctor will do house calls. Whew! We feel better already.
· Revive Hydration Clinic [Official Site]

Revive Hydration Clinic

222 W Ontario, Chicago IL