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Saint Laurent, Tom Ford Coming; No More Twinkies; Louboutin's First Sale; Santa Loves Sprinkles

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Two looks from Saint Laurent, Spring '13 via Getty

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GOLD COAST- YSL will reopen again in Chicago on Rush Street in the Waldorf Astoria under the new and improved name, Saint Laurent.

EVERYWHERE - It's official: Twinkies have sold out everywhere... except for eBay.

LOTS OF PLACES - There are so many awesome Christmas trees all over the city and we're on a deathmatch quest to find the best. Actually the most GLAMOROUS.

GOLD COAST- Phase II of the Esquire Theater on Oak Street will be all about chest hairTom Ford.

GOLD COAST- Across the street from the Waldorf Astoria, we will soon be able to shop Italian men's brand, Brioni.

GOLD COAST- Christian Louboutin's first sale is happening right now and it goes a little something like this: 40% off of fall/winter boots, booties and heels.

GOLD COAST - Between all his personal appearances, Santa was caught getting Sprinkles cupcakes out of the cupcake ATM for lunch. Surprisingly, there is no Ho Ho's flavor.