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New Bathhouse, Red Square Cafe Lounge Will Have Wristbands with Microchips to Make Purchases

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The landmark Division Street Russian and Turkish Baths bathhouse in Wicker Park which closed three years ago will soon be developed into Red Square Cafe Lounge. The new owner, Alex Loyfman plans on using lots of the same spa features like steam baths, and saunas and jacuzzis but also incorporating a a spa and a restaurant.

For $30, guests will get a microchip-embedded waterproof wristband to make purchases with, as well as admittance to a 3,500 square-foot restaurant with chef David Gebhardt from Japonais, a spa offering manicures and pedicures, traditional tanning beds and a stand-up spray tanning booth. Jackpot: there will also be a cocktail bar.
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1914 W Division, Chicago IL