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Rag & Bone Planning Next Store in Chicago

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[Images of other Rag & Bone stores from New York and LA to London and Soeul]

In April earlier this year, when we interviewed David Neville and Marcus Wainwright from Rag & Bone, we asked them a variety of questions. Amidst the interrogation, we found out that Marcus loves romano cheese and David's factitious lunar rover needs to have a heated steering wheel. We also found out that there was a strong possibility that they would be opening a Chicago store--yet unconfirmed. Today, we're one step closer to a confirmation of the Chicago store.

In a Q&A this week with WWD, celebrated was their achievements in 2012, working with Kate Moss, and the opening stores in London, Soeul, New York, LA and Boston. The Q&A also revealed that the next stores will be coming to San Francisco, Chicago and Paris. So can we get a "woot, woot"? What do you think: with the Rag & Bone Chicago store be in Bucktown or the Gold Coast?
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