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Introducing Vicelight, an App for Crowdsourcing & People Watching

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Remember that website popularized in the 90s called Think about that for a second—voting on the appearance or feeling toward something to ballpark the opinion of the collective consciousness. Now, think about the evolution of this idea circa December 2012 and you have Vicelight, which is quite possibly the next big influencer of how people shop.

Vicelight is a new app for lifestyle croudsourcing and people watching. 28-year old founder, Laura Osier has developed the app to allow users to ask questions and seek advice on every day lifestyle matters like "Are my pant's too tight today?", "Which lipstick should I buy?" or "Which outfit should I wear to my job interview?"

Vicelight is slated to become a game changer in the world of retail consumerism. Osier explains, "I spent a decade working with retail brands such as Crate & Barrel and realized how often our customers were asking their friends for opinions before making a purchase ... It occurred to me that if you could cast a wider net, and ask more people that are both in and outside of your circle, then the answers that you get would be more authentic and your shopping experience more fulfilling." With the ability to share your question via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, text or via email, the potential for the app to go viral is huge. The company already expects the user base to double or triple each month in 2013.
· Vicelight [iTunes]
· Vicelight [Official Site]