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Meet The Hostess (With The Mostess) at The Boarding House

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Meet Charley Chiodo, hostess at The Boarding House, the newest venture by Alpana Singh that officially opens tonight. All smiles all the time, it's no wonder Charley is the head of the house--and no wonder we found her. Since she has started working at The Boarding House, taking daytime calls for Alpana, she's spent the downtime continuing her hobby of making pearl necklaces. When Alpana saw what Charley was creating, she tried one on and fell in love.

Now, on opening night and for the foreseeable future, eight for Alpana's dining room staff are wearing the necklace in different colors as part of their uniform. Alpana tells us the women, dressed all in black were able to choose their color--silver, silvery gray, rose, lilac, sky or clover among others. We're sure anyone who visits the top floor dining room at the Boarding House tonight will most definately take note of this youngster, filled with talent. And being a bubbly bauble maker is only one talent--she makes tiaras, too!

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