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Myth Busted: Fermilab is NOT Having an End of the World Party

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You, just like us may have caught wind of a wild word on the street that Fermilab in suburban Batavia is throwing an end of the world party. It was supposed to be similar to the $1500-per ticket event that a museum in Moscow is offering tonight featuring a spot in former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's underground bunker—only in a more scientific environment outside of Chicago— with a 50% refund if nothing happens.

Curious as we always were, we contacted the communications department at Fermilab. A Spokesperson tells us, that because of the fact that Fermilab is owned by the Federal Government, not because of the danger of normal people camping out in a bunker underground near a the world's most powerful particle accelerator used to try to recreate conditions that existed just after the Big Bang. Though, the spokesperson does agree that tickets for this end of the world experiences would be more expensive than that.
· Fermilab [Official Site]