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Tavi Humanizes the Cadaver (Again), Covers The Pet Shop Boys

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[Imagine this video as a hardcover full-color book and instead of a Neil Young cover, how 'bout the Pet Shop Boys]

After the success of the critically acclaimed short, Cadaver, starring Kathy Bates and Christopher Lloyd as well as suburban Chicago-based Style Rookie, Tavi Gevinson, success is more imminent than the long-list they 're already on for an Oscar. Tavi and Jonah Ansell (the director) have teamed up again to release a special hardcover, full color edition of CADAVER: A Bittersweet Love Story to be released on Feburary 5 in Chicago. PLUS, if that Neil Young Heart of Gold cover weren't good enough, The Pet Shop Boys have given Tavi permission to record an acoustic cover of their 1988 Billboard hit "Heart" to be released in conjunction with the publication of the new book. Woot!
· Cadaver [Official Site]