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Now You Can Buy Starbucks x Rodarte for $6.99

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It was going to happen eventually... and we all saw it coming when the collaboration was announced. Like most of Starbucks seasonal merchandise, every year it goes on sale and even the most echelon of in-the-moment darling designers aren't immune to the roasting machine.

Alas, Rodarte's mini tote bags and mugs have gone on sale at all Starbucks that have stocked them. Both are priced at $6.99 and from what we're told will not be reduced further. Yet, we recall that "no further reductions statement" was the case for the holiday ornament at Neiman's... currently at $9. These Rodarte x Starbucks products could perhaps be the second most on sale we'll ever see a Rodarte design... aside from that $3.99 wrapping paper at Target.
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