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Neiman Marcus x Target: What is Left at CityTarget

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Saturday morning we saw the launch of the Neiman Marcus x Target "Holiday 24" collaboration. We brought you the liveblog of the event and listed the items that sold out at Neiman Marcus. Four days later, we decided to revisit CityTarget to see what items they had left. Here is what we found: CitytTarget moved the "Holiday 24" display from the north west side of the second floor to a more visible spot in the middle, more specifically to the immediate left of the escalator. Items still available include EVERYTHING?

Judith Leiber compact in black & white (the other colors are still available), Rodarte wrapping paper and the Tracy Reese desert plates.

If you didn't get to Neiman Marcus, you still have CitytTarget and Target online, which, right now still has all the above items including the Judith Leiber compact in black & white. – Victoria Olivares
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