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Margiela for H&M: What is Left (and 50% Off) at State Street...

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Just two weeks after the release of the Margiela for H&M line, controversial rumors began flying about massive markdowns. Sunday night, a tweet via a Racked Reader about finding Margiela H&M items at 50% OFF, piqued our interest.

So we had to find out for ourselves?

H&M State Street's area previously designated to Margiela was gone. However, there were several of the "Glove Clutches" in both brown and black? still priced at $149.
Downstairs, a sales associate said: 'The Margiela items, if there are any left, are scattered throughout the store."

This set off the hunt for all things Margiela. Here is what was spotted:

Suede Jackets originally $299 now $99
Oversized Turtleneck in Cream originally $149 now $59.95
Biker Jacket with Margiela tags - no price tag
Duvet Coat originally $349 still $349

Faux Fur Coat originally $349 still $349

After only a few laps, it is possible we may have missed an item, but what we did find was both on sale and regular priced. When we asked why some items were discounted and others were not? the employee had no definitive answer.

So there you have it. – Victoria Olivares
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