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Presto Chango! The Old Old Navy Magically Turns Into Gap

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Photo: David Light on Facebook

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Via our Facebook page and the Racked tipline, we received word that the old Old Navy on State Street now has Gap signs in the windows. The signs indicate that the store will sell the entire range from Gap which includes Baby, Kids, Men and Women.

One commenter on the Facebook post asks if this means the location on Michigan Ave is closing and moving to State Street or if this just be an additional new location. To this, we're unsure, but another commenter chimes in with his opinion that the store on Michigan will stay open and that Gap has just realized that State Street can now be lucrative.

What do you think about this game of retail musical chairs? Let us know how you feel (or if you think we're whimps for having feelings about this) in the comments section below.
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