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CB2 Doing 'Beer Stories' For Spring Catalog

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In keeping with the ever-growing trend of microbreweries and small batch home-brews, CB2 is jumping off the wine-o bandwagon and onto the beer bandwagon for spring. Both Crate & Barrel and their trendier, more youthful sibling, CB2 both have a ton of new beer glasses coming out for Spring. Glass styles will range from Chimay to Pilsner to little tasting glass sets that come on a special wood tray.

The spring catalog will apparently have a lengthy "beer story" according to a Racked Tipster who recently spoke with the CB2 team. We can only speculate, but it would be great if the Chicago-based company also was now stocking beer hats, fashion slap beer Koozies and beer eyeglasses. Whatever other glass or cup accessories they sell, no doubt it will be better than their recent mistake with the "Beggar's Wallet".
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