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Checking-in on Neapolitan Collection with Kelly Golden

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Right now, neapolitan collection is reveling in the success they've had in the past 9 years and looking back on the growth of the shop. At this time of celebration, we check-in with Owner, Kelly Golden to see where she's at with the store and where she's going with the aesthetic.

Racked: Is there a line you were one of the first to carry that you've seen grow and thrive since picking them up?
Kelly Golden: Wes Gordon is a great example. We had his very first collection in the store and now he's a Vogue CFDA Award finalist and everyone from Michelle Obama to Katy Perry is wearing his clothes.

R: Why did you open neapolitan collection?
KG: Chicago was lacking a well-edited designer store where you could find unique, timeless pieces along with top-of-the-line client service.

R: Who is the coolest client we'd be jealous of? How would you describe her style?
KG: All of them! Cool and timeless.

R: Is there an aesthetic you're working toward that we should we look forward to in the next few years?
KG: Whatever works for your body and your lifestyle.

R: The store itself has the color palette of a package of Manner wafers, or better yet, neapolitan ice cream. What's the story behind this?
KG: It's one of the many connotations that the word "neapolitan" has. The color palette was definitely thought out--I'm not a big black person. I think chocolate brown is a much richer color and more flattering. I love the femininity of pink and the sophistication of cream.

R: We don't need any affirmation that Wes Gordon is a dreamboat. How did you get hooked up with him?
KG: He targeted our store as one he "had" to be in and when I saw his clothes, I knew he had amazing talent. And when I met him, I wanted to open an entire Wes Gordon section in my store! Not only is he incredibly talented (especially at such a young age) but extremely intelligent and likable. It doesn't get any better than Wes!
· neapolitan collection [Official Site]


715 Elm Street, Winnetka, IL