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"Unfolding Space" is an Insanely Trippy Window Installation at Block 37 Right Now

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Floating World Gallery in Pilsen has collaborated with architects Charlotte Page and Susan Conger-Austin to present a window installation in the Loop called Unfolding Space.

This, as seen in a storefront window at Block 37 is an "archi- tecture of moments". This multimedia exhibition addresses the relationship between place and user. As described by the artists,

in our media-filled environment, education acts as a filter that helps us determine what is true. Yet each person’s knowledge remains a personal assemblage of information. The student arranges pieces of information just as an occupant strings moments of architecture into a perceived space.

Page considers 12 architectural elements described by a series of drawings, models, and projections viewed within an installation of white, translucent, cloth panels. Her work is complemented by an array of prints from the preeminent Japanese mezzotint artist Yozo Hamaguchi. Through the repetitive process of the mezzotint print, Hamaguchi’s work shows the subjectivity of representation: no single print fully describes the plate but is rather an interpretation of it.

As views and spaces contract and expand while moving within the installation, the visitors move between third-person observation and a conscious experience of their own per- ceptions. They come to realize that no one person knows the space entirely, but each person defines a fragment of space. Ultimately, as visitors move through this installation and view the work, they become aware of the uniqueness of their own experience.

Whoa. And a big thanks to the Richard Driehaus Foundation and IIT for helping these two architects blow our mind.
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