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The Textural Hair at Cynthia Rowley's Show; The Inspiration and a How-To

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Now that we've got the inspiration for the collection understood, lets get to the ultra curly yet bouncy and unfettered hair that was chosen for this collection. Along with the lead stylist, Duffy, Cynthia wanted the model's hair to play with texture, three different textures actually. The clothes this season are so structured she wanted to contrast that with the hair. The idea of this look was for it to be free flowing; there is no beginning and no end.

It's easier than you think: Mousse was applied to the hair and it was rough dryed with the amika NRG Professional Hair Dryer. Then, A figure-eight technique was used (around the crown of the head) which was created by pinning the hair around bobby pins. The figure-eight shape was sealed in with heat from the amika x Cynthia Rowley styler. See a photo of this process.

To finalize the texture, tight curls were created using a hot rod, the hair was then dragged out and brushed to create volume. Some pieces of hair were pulled and pinned and voila! Free flowing bouncy texture you can wear with the hottest looks for this fall.
· Cynthia Rowley [Official Site]
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