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RPM Italian Opens; Sneak Peek Dale Levitski's New Spot

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This week's top dish from Eater Chicago, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

[Photo: Anjali Pinto]

RIVER NORTH—After shuttering and renovating the Ben Pao space, the Melman siblings have opened their latest venture, RPM Italian, with Bill & Giuliana Rancic and chef Doug Psaltis.

LAKEVIEWDale Levitski made a splash with upscale restaurant Sprout and now he wants to do it again with the more approachable Midwestern bistro Frog N Snail. It won't open for about a month, but Eater got a sneak peek. Come take a look.

HUMBOLDT PARKTipsyCake owner Naomi Levine pissed off a lot of locals by saying she moved her bakery to Bucktown after the cakes had too many bullet holes and named her addictive dessert Humboldt Park Crack Bar. She has since apologized.

EVERYWHERE—Did you have to give up something you love for Lent? Find out where you can still dine and not feel guilty about it with Eater's Lent dining guide.