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Here They Are: Wedding Stationery Trends for 2012

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The lovely Sacha Krasney, founder of Be U Brides has once again graciously opened up her vast beauty chest of knowledge to share with us what brides are wanting for wedding stationery in 2012, the year of the dragon. We understand that the aesthetics of correspondence is key when it comes to how you convey the tone of your wedding to your friends and family. This is why each year modern brides adapt to the trends in stationery, and who better than Sacha, the principal designer of her boutique design firm to walk us through these key trends.

Paper Statements - Couples are starting to get away from the pockets and gear more towards using the very, very thick paper to make a bold statement with guests and really stick out above the other invitations.

Patterns - Contrasting patterns included as accents in envelope liners give the invitation that unique added personal touch. Patterns really help reflect the couples personalities too.

Eclectic Tastes - Maybe couples are leaning towards Art Deco/Geometric patterns for inspiration.

Go Shiny - Metallic is very trendy. Accent with Gold edges or Gold handmade paper in your envelope.

Personalize the Envelopes - Calligraphy is a must for 2012. Enlist a calligrapher to write out a template and Be U Brides can reproduce it in any form of printing.

Color Palettes - Spotting black invitations with blind embossed, white, gold or silver calligraphy

Be Bright - Pops of bright colors like Coral, green and yellow are sure to grab any guests' attention.
· Be U Brides [Official Site]

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