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Get A Spiritual Makeover—And Better Skin—In One Day

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Today's pick comes from Racked Chicago editor Jenny Berg.

Photo: via Cleanse Culture

With benefits such as clearer skin and lighter energy, juicing is all the rage in Chicago right now (and probably in your town, too). But the new company Cleanse Culture got our attention—and a corner of our beverage shelf—by offering a cleanse that purports to clean up the chakras as well as the body. Intriguing, right?

The Chakra Cleanse ($65 to $455) can last for one to seven days. On the program, you'll sip six juices a day. Each of the organic, cold-pressed sips correlates to a different chakra and has healing properties; so you can drink the Root Chakra to feel more grounded or the Power Chakra to get energized. And these good vibes have great reach: Though Cleanse Culture is based in Illinois, the juices can be delivered nationwide.
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