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The Future of Retail in the West Loop Relies on a Company Whose Name Starts with "G"

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We've been hearing some major West Loop gossip the past few weeks. No confirmation from Louboutin yet but more on the expansionwire front for actual businesses. We're hearing that a company whose name starts with a "G" is renting the Fulton Cold Storage building recently acquired by Sterling Bay. The first company that comes to mind is Groupon and would be would be consolidating offices and the other which makes more sense to us is Google.

Last August, Google bought Libertyville-based Motorola which we hear is moving into the city, close to the Loop. Why we're interested in this big move one block north of the new Green Line stop would be the rough figure of 360,000 square-feet of street level retail space which we think would be a great place for Superdry and Louboutin among other brands which we've heard are eyeing the West Loop. And then there's an additional one-story 60,000 square-foot street level space some of which would most likely be taken by a non-evening very lunch-y place. Are we crazy here?
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