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Una Mae's Freak Boutique Has Herschel Fanny Packs

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It seems like every few months our crush for compartmentalization around the midsection gets a little more intense and we veer toward the fanny pack. Love 'em or hate 'em they are one of the most utilitarian accessories that Chicagoans don't seem to utilize often enough. Una Mae's Freak Boutique in Wicker just got a fresh shipment of Herschel Eighteens. - They also received Herschel Seventeens, Survey and Heritage models of backpacks and Herschel Walton weekenders. Anywho, with summertime bike rides and afternoon trips to Grant Park on the horizon you may want to consider Una Mae's selection of Herschel fanny packs.
· Una Mae's Freak Boutique [Official Site]