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Andersonville's Design District Gets One More Tenant

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It's been a few months since the old Andersonville Bike Shop packed up their cycles and closed up shop. As sad as this was for the community of the future as there is no other bike shop in the immediate area. Early this week we heard that a new tenant has signed a lease and is moving in.

The shop is coming from the people behind Yaya's Antiques in Whiting Indiana and hopefully going to make a great addition to the vintage design community in Andersonville. They will focus on vintage jewelry and glassware and will not alter the space too much in the storefront build-out. Until they open, you can find some of what they'll be selling on their Ebay store.
· Yaya's Antiques [Facebook]

Yaya's Antiques

5517 N Clark Street, Chicago , ILlinois Visit Website

Yaya's Antiques

5517 N Clark, Chicago Il