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Zits Happen, Refine Medspa Can Help

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A zit can ruin any night out, especially on a date. And you wouldn't want bumps and breakouts keep you from enjoying the most romantic night of the year. Which is why we're introducing you to mybody's Acne Prevention line. Simultaneously quench your skin's thirst and dry out breakouts before they start with mybody’s break free oil-absorbing hydrator. Break free rebalances dry, depleted and stressed skin, especially from excessive use of anti-acne products. For a cool $60 you can have this oil-free complex that absorbs oil for a shine-free, matte complexion, and provides a soothing effect to burning, stinging and irritated skin. Right now, the only medspa in Chicago where you can find the Acne Prevention line from mybody is Refine Medspa on Erie in Streeterville.
· mybody [Official Site]
· Refine Medspa [Official Site]

Refine Medical Spa

233 E Erie Street, Chicago, IL Visit Website

Refine Medspa

233 E Erie, Chicago Il