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Nike+ Fuelband Launches, Already Sold Out

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Last night, we attended the launch event for the Nike+ FUELBAND, a little bracelet so powerful, they are already officially sold out. Your only hope? Follow them on Twitter as they release them in batches. You can snag this little gem for just $149.00.

So, what is it, you ask? Whether you are an avid athlete or pro shopper, the Nike+ FUELBAND is perfect for tracking your everyday activity. This stylish little black wristband triples as a watch, calorie counter, and pedometer.

Whether you want to see how many calories you burn in a day doing mundane chores, working out, or what hitting Damen for a full day of shopping really means in terms of calories burned, you can set a goal for earning Nike “fuel” everyday, and then try and beat it. The LED lights on the band will shift from red to green as you reach your goal. It’s like Christmas for your waistline.

The best part? The “snap” closure for the band is a USB port that plugs directly into your computer and uploads info to Nike’s website. You can also use the mobile app to get notifications and set new goals for yourself everyday. An added bonus? It’s so comfortable you’ll forget you have it on.

No matter what inspires you, you can measure your activity twenty-four hours per day. As Nike says, “Life is a sport. Make it count.”

That’s fuel worth ingesting. - Rea Frey
· Nike + Fuelband [Official Site]