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6 Recommended Beauty Products for Rod Blagojevich

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With Rod Blagojevich headed to the slammer today, we're concerned how he'll cope with the process of aging and staying beautiful at such a high altitude. Though we've never been to Denver, or the more glamorous Aspen but we think the air there is much drier than the marshland air of Chicago (think hydration). Also, he's going to be there through the most difficult process of aging, the late 50's (anti-aging). It's quite a bizarre set of conditions he'll have to cope with. This is why we've decided to select six beauty products to help Rod keep hair fluffy, skin glowing and smelling good for the duration of his sentence as Inmate No. 40892-424.

- Eucalyptus Spray by Opas Soap on Etsy
- Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze by Lush
- Lancome Flash Bronzer Anti-age at Sephora
- Axe Twist at
- Bliss Softening Socks by Bliss
- Davines Awakening Oxygenating Scrub Shampoo at Sleek Hair
· Blagojevich Arrives in Colorado, Heads Toward Federal Prison [Sun Times]