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What's Included in The Lichtenstein Retrospectve

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Come May, The Roy Lichtenstein Retrospective is opening at The Art Institute of Chicago. In this first broad-scoped presentation since his death you'll see 130 paintings and sculptures, as well as over 30 little- or never-before-seen drawings and collages. Also, the exhibition will show works Lichtenstein has done in Plexiglas, Rowlux, and perforated steel - but from what we understand, no dresses. This being said, we're planning on going to the opening and we're sure that the Lichtenstein collectors (in all their graphic pop glory) will provide just as much color as this Lichtenstein x Lee Rudd Simpson dress from 1965 [photo]. Look forward to the opening event coverage.
· Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective [The Art Institute of Chicago]