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Chicago Bulls Announcer Stacey King Now Selling Catch Phrase Apparel

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Stacey King is now in his sixth season as a commentator for the Chicago Bulls games and has become famous for his quick-witted catchphrases. As Crains reports, the Stacey's phrases are now on t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats. Phrases include “Too Big, Too Strong, Too Fast, Too Good” (to describe guard Derrick Rose) to “Lieutenant Deng” (for forward Luol Deng) and “White Mamba” (in reference to forward Brian Scalabrine, a spinoff of Kobe Bryant's “Black Mamba” nickname). Under the label 21King he's sold 38,000 shirts since his label's conception and just released more designs this week. Crains goes on to talk with Mr. King about retail and why he thinks "The Windy City Assassin" would be a great children's book character.
· Chicago Bulls' analyst Stacey King as 'fashion merchandiser' [Crains]