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Supermodel Erin Heatherton on Being Very Sexy, Spring Makeup and Music

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Yesterday afternoon, we took a break from a long day of shopping and coffee to swing by the Victoria's Secret flagship on Michigan Avenue for a launch of the new additions to the Very Sexy Collection. Here, we caught up with Victoria's Secret Angel, Erin Heatherton. Join us as let Erin loose on topics of interest: her spring makeup shades, what's on her iPod, plunging bras and the heat of Miami.

Racked: What do you love for spring makeup trends this year?

Erin: I love coral and a baby lip but it depends on your eyeshadow and your eye color. Corals, pop colors and berry colors look good on me because I have green eyes so I try to stick with those shades.

Racked: What do you love about the new additions to the Very Sexy Collection?

Erin: I love the Deep V Plunge Push-Up because we always wear so many plunging dresses for events, t-shirts and tank tops so it's nice to have a bra that has that shape and very seductive. The Very Sexy Collection is one of our top selling collections because its such a go-to bra - it's comfortable, totally seamless and gives you the perfect cleavage.

Racked: The Very Sexy launch in Miami looked really fun. Did you guys have a blast?

Erin: Yeah, Candace is one of my best friends and Adriana is really awesome we always have a great time together, but it was really hot. Like, scorching [laughs].

Racked: Did you go out that night?

Erin: I love going out in Miami. That last time we were in Miami, we didn't go out because I had to work the next day I think I had to fly that night. But the time before that I went out with my fiend Mouhati and we had such a great time-as always

Racked: So what about in Chicago? When you're home do you go out or shop?

Erin: Im never on The Avenue when I'm at home, I'm always in Evanston, you know because I'm from Skokie.

Racked: So have you been to Chalk in Evanston? They're on the Racked 38.

Erin: No! That's good to know - I'll Google Map it. That's really good to know. I love to find the good boutiques in Chicago because it's always a comfort to find stores that sell designers like McQueen - makes me feel at home.

Racked: So the last time we talked you gave me a run down of what was on your iPod, and said you would love to get a dj gig soon.

Erin: Not yet but I've been making playlists for a lot of my friends. I like a lot of old music lately like George Harrison, Louis Armstrong, The Doors, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. I also like The Black Keys' new album, Thom Yorke and Radiohead, Outkast and Talking Heads.
· Victoria's Secret [Official Site]