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Ann Taylor's Bold & Bright Concept Opens Tomorrow

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The newest Ann Taylor opens a brand new concept store tomorrow morning on the 600 block of North Michigan Avenue. As the store was complete thirteen days ahead of schedule we got a look at the store this morning to shop the most significant evolution in the brand's history. It's bright, its easier to navigate and feels more like a boutique.

The best looks of the season are styled on a runway of mannequins lining the middle of the store, making it easy to shop as the mannequins are in proximity to the looks on the racks. From the runway out the store is sectioned into little shops within the store to feel more intimate. The lighting scheme is varied and looks splurge-y with crystal chandeliers over the cash wrap and towards the dressing rooms. Each dressing room has a different modern floral patterned wall covering.
· Ann Taylor [Official Site]

Ann Taylor

600 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 312-587-8301