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Fugi from Rotofugi is Technically Named After a Mountain, Could Have Been a Mustache

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Meet Fugi. He's the store sidekick milling about at toy gallery, Rotofugi. Besides being one of the friendliest pooches in Lincoln Park, he also happens to be who the store took its name from.

The legendary store first opened when Fugi was 5 years old (he's 12 now), and took its name from the pup. As it was explained to us by shop owners Whitney and Kirby, when their new pup was a youngin, he looked like he had a little fu manchu mustache so they wanted to name him Foo Manchew... but decided that was way too adorable and needed to be a little more serious.

So then they employed the rationale that his breed is half beagle, half shih tzu and there's Mount Fuji in Asia but the they explain that was bad logic because shih tzus are Chinese dogs and Mount Fuji is in Japan - so there's a cultural violation there. Nonetheless, it was a cute name so they went with it. The 'j' was replaced with a 'g' when his dog tags were being made at Petsmart in 1999, making his real name Fugi.

His favorite activities are staring in the window and walking beside shoppers and his job title at the shop is Official Store Greeter.
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Rotofugi Gallery

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