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How to Gain Access to the Secret Hideout

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Last week we were privy to get our hands on and share photos of Bonnie & Clyde's new pop-up showroom they're calling the Secret Hideout. Last evening, their customers received an email inviting them to book an appointment to see and shop the pop-up showroom. In the letter it is noted that when scheduling an appointment need to meet a member of their staff off site who will lead you escort you to the secret showroom after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Dear Friends,

We regret to inform you that due to structural damages at our Division St. boutique we have been forced to shutter operations at that location indefinitely. While this loss of our storefront has been tragic we will not let the destruction of our home base deter us from our mission to share the world’s most unique unisex fashions. During our transition into a new location we have temporarily set up shop in our Secret Hideout, located at an undisclosed address in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Access to Bonnie&Clyde’s Secret Hideout will be by invitation only. As our esteemed clients we would like to grant you exclusive access to book an appointment to shop our new Secret Popup location. You may also refer friends to be granted entry to our Secret Hideout. Upon scheduling an appointment you will be disclosed a location to meet a member of the Bonnie&Clyde’s team who will then escort you to the secret showroom. Please note that you will be requested to sign a nondisclosure agreement prior to entering our Secret Hideout location. We promise that our Secret Hideout will hold a wealth of unisex designer goods. Your efforts in finding us will definitely be rewarded!

Please contact us to set up an appointment email or phone at:



Thank you.
Stephen Naparstek
(Bonnie&Clyde's Owner & Operations Manager)

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