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As Promised: The FHI Heat Machine That Makes an 8 Second Curl

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Just over two weeks ago we were told that there would be a device from FHI Heat unveiled at The Beauty Show that was capable of giving you curls in 8 seconds. This weekend we checked out the mystery contraption in person - it's called the Runway IQ Session Styling Rapid Heat Rollers and it's not at all what we thought it would be.

Instead of being an iron or series of irons, its actually like a hot roll heater. It has an activation system built into the two components that instantly heat a roller with electric current - almost magically and change it's color.

When you place the specifically designed rollers inside the base, the roller is heated in 8 seconds to 284°F to then be placed in the hair until it cools. The system is designed to cut out the wait time of being unsure if the roller isn't hot enough or has cooled down when in the hair.

All you do is drop the roller inside and press down. As Shauky Gulamani, the developer of the 8 second magic machine explains to us, the sides of the roller will change color when the roller is hot and when the roller turns back to dark grey, the roller is cool and ready to come out of the hair.
· FHI Heat [Official Site]