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Suzanne Kopulos Launches GarmentalTV

Screenshot of Garmental TV on Vimeo.
Screenshot of Garmental TV on Vimeo.

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With style advice all over the place one chic Chicago-based style site is giving fashion advice from a more relatable point of view. You're familiar with Garmental, the daily online fashion resource, which features a “Look of the Day” from local boutiques - but did you know that they're starting GarmentalTV? It's a web series aimed at educating both style lovers and style beginners hosted by the one and only Co-founder of Garmental, Suzanne Kopulos.

Each webisode is less than 2 minutes and begins with a quick intro from Suzanne, where she informs viewers on which “Look of the Day” she will be dissecting. From there, Suzanne pulls the top trends featured in the look, and also how to take the outfit for day to night. The highlighted trends featured can focus on the newest accessories, footwear, or the seasonal color. Each webisode ends with the key points covered in the webisode.
· Garmental [Official Site]
· Garmental TV [Vimeo]