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Marni at H&M Launches; People are Civil Here

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1:45PM - We have nested at The 900 Shops where we can score free wi-fi and ask an industry comrade for updates. She tells us there are a few pair of printed pants for women no blue/black/white patterned garments to be found and not much menswear.

12:10PM- There is still a qeue to shop the collection but they are more like holding pens for 10-15 people at a time. The people standing in the pens told us they weren't waiting for long and were about to be let in to shop the Marni room. Clothing selection was petering out while there was no accessories about 3 pairs of shoes left and a lot of the tribal print left. Men's shirting was strong in larger sizes.

10:40AM - The shoes and accessories seem to be the first that we hear are gone as well as women's black and blue polka dot pieces. We're also hearing a lot of good things about shirting from the men's corner. There are still people waiting to shop.

10:15AM - Carlie from Logan Square and Britney from Evanston bought collars, shoes, a few clothing pieces and went wild on bracelets.

9:30AM - Let's Check in with the shoppers, shall we? Meet Kate who lives in the Loop:

8:00AM - And the crowd was let inside the store 10 people at at a time according to wristband color. The first 10 were detained momentarily before they were allowed to shop the collection to be reminded of the rules.

7:30AM - Maybe you saw that there were five Marni at H&M shoppers waiting in line last night at 9:45. They withstood the warm rain and witnessed last night's shoplifter being cuffed and hauled away into a police car. They saw the overnight transformation of the room by the women's dressing rooms on the first floor transform into Marni paradise.

Most other people in line showed up between 5AM and 7AM. The people at the bend in the line (by the Escada door) arrived at 7:20 and not all wristbands were handed out yet. Everyone is calm and confident they'll get what they came for - the t-shirts and necklaces seem to be popular items on shopper's lists.
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