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Mr. Gould Explores The More Adventurous Side of Walgreens' Personal Care Aisles

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And then our inbox started to throw up. Not really, it was just another letter via the Racked tipline from our favorite critic, Mr. Gould. This time he's shopping for cuticle conditioner... but found something very different.

Hey ladies, I heard it was Beauty Week on Racked so I started to do some research on what it means to have "Midwestern hair" but all I kept coming up with were things Rick Santorum would say to Sarah Palin about her newest casual updo. And obviously they were all sexual comments. So I'm assuming you're all in the market for some new sex toys, but the prices at Tulip are just a wee bit out of reach? Well, mosey on down to your neighborhood Walgreens! For serial, guys.

I was in the Walgreens at the Ridge, Broadway and Bryn Mawr clusterfuck today looking for new cuticle conditioner and I just happened across the Trojan Vibrations Twister Intimate Massager. There are three Trojan Vibrations vibrators and a Body Innovations “Aqua Thrill” (possibly a nice way to cool down on those upcoming hot summer days!). All priced between $32 and $62. Oh, and guys don’t feel left out, there’s cockrings too.
Brett Gould

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