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Milk Handmade Set to Open with Cookies on May 1

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A brand new shop on Clark just South of Foster is poised to open on May 1. Owner of Milk Handmade, Hallie Borden walks us around the store which is still in-process of being shoppable and shows us several lines from small and independent designers. On the local level she'll be selling Nicolette (which is making the store's signature scent) as well as brands she's found in other areas of the country like Thimble & Acorn, Gift Shop Brooklyn, and I AM. This is the first women's clothing store in this neighborhood that rides a more contemporary edge and has a taste for current trends that aren't too fast or garish. Oh, and they'll be serving cookies and milk on opening day. We like.
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Milk Handmade

5137 N Clark, Chicago IL