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Laundry Magazine Hijacked by Internet Pirates

A portion of this image of Laundry Magazine's new homepage has been blurred
A portion of this image of Laundry Magazine's new homepage has been blurred

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One of the most f*'d up fashion stories of the year is happening right now on Oh yes, in a very dramatic and bizarre instance, when highly editorial Chicago-based fashion mag Laundry Magazine's domain expired earlier this month, there was misstep in the way the domain was setup to auto-renew. In this 10 minute internet lapse of ownership the domain was STOLEN and re-directed to an "adult playground" website where you can "meet horny people near you". It's called Rudespace and we're not going to tell you any more about it because we need a password to get into it (also, it doesn't look like our kinda site).

Don't ask us how, but the editorial staff of Laundry Magazine was able to obtain some information about the internet pirate and is now "in email negotiations" to re-aquire the domain. We wish them luck but understand if they feel the ransom that is being asked ($3,700) is too spendy and would be better allocated to creative projects, we support them. In the meantime, you'll be able to visit which is still operable or visit them on twitter.
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