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Chicago's Only Shop to Sell Dries Van Noten by Linda Farrow

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Linda Farrow's timeless eyewear brand, constantly achieving results of luxury occasionally partners with some of the worlds most forward-thinking fashion houses. These rare partnerships spur cutting edge design that remain years- even decades after the fact. As Chicago's exclusive shop to sell Dries Van Noten, Racked 38 Member, Blake only adds esteem to their range of the selection by adding the Dries Van Noten by Linda Farrow sunwear collaboration. We've pulled a few current styles here for your review. All are available for sale in their eponymous Chicago Avenue boutique for $385.

· Linda Farrow [Official Site]
· Dries Van Noten [Official Site]
· Blake [Yelp]


212 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60654