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Suspicions Heighten About Oak Street's New Tenants

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Shopping along Oak and down Rush we hear chatter in the dressing rooms and at the counters about what exactly is happening at The Esquire Theater. Rumors are swirling - doubting the 40% occupancy figure, throwing out High Street brands, re-location suspicions and the dismissal of stores for poor numbers in other cities.

We're all in a tizzy about who has signed and mayhaps our original hunches weren't as spot-on as we thought. Or were they...? We want to know what you think, let's play a little game - we'll throw out some store names we've been hearing and we want you to tell us who the likely candidates are.

NOTE: You can only vote once - so make it count.

Poll results

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The Esquire Theater

60 East Oak Street, Chicago, IL

The Esquire Theater

58 E Oak, Chicago IL