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Update Your Makeup Bag With Just the Right Tools

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Racked's own Rea Frey assesses the makeup bag, tosses the expired tubes & tools and finds a fresh solution...

Photos of Adriana Aude's range of work

‘Tis the season to be? pushy? We’ve all been trapped in a department store, attacked by aggressive perfume blasts and too eager-to-please makeover consultants. Walking through the beauty aisles can feel more like an ambush than a shopping spree.

If you need makeup, but want to avoid the rush, look no further than Shop With Me, a private service offered by renowned Chicago makeup artist, Adriana Aude. For $400 and a simple appointment, Adriana provides a half-day consultation for a complete makeup bag makeover. She will help you throw out the old and find the new.

After those ancient mascara bottles and wilted brushes are tossed, the shopping begins. With Adriana’s knowledge, she avoids the lines and navigates the makeup counters like a seasoned pro. Whether it’s Walgreens or Barneys, she will adhere to your budget and meet all of your beauty needs.

Next on the list? A private makeup lesson. Adriana will cover all the bases: how to apply foundation, how to use your eye brushes, how to take your day look into evening, and more.

Follow that up with a little brow shaping and you will hit the next season with a polished new look and the tools to make you worthy of any runway.
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