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Feeling Smoother and Giving 100%

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How good does it feel when a lotion's formula makes your hands and body as hydrated as if you lived in a rainforest? Even better when it makes you smell good and actually helps this aforementioned rainforest. Meet the Charity Pot by Lush Cosmetics. A smooth, creamy skin softening Cocoa and Almond oil lotion with a scent that makes life worth living. For years and years Lush has produced the Charity Pot and donated 100% of proceeds from the sale of Charity Pot towards charities and good projects around the world. Choose your cause- the rainforest, AIDS, human rights, animal rights, UNICEF, water cleaning programs, bike recycling programs or many, many others. To date, Lush has sold over 19,000 pots in North America priced at $21.95 each.
It feels good, doesn't it?
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