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Bummer, Marilyn is Leaving, Where will all the Tourists Take Photos?

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Last year Chicagoans and visitors alike flocked to Michigan Ave at the River to look up the skirt of one of America's most popular figures, "Forever Marilyn,” the 25-foot tall sculpture by American artist Seward Johnson. Since her installation she's endured unauthorized tattoos, acted as a rain shelter, and shivered through her first snowy Chicago winter, freezing her ass off.

Next week on Monday, May 7, the bronze and stainless steel, 40,000 pound sculpture will be de-installed and returned to The Sculpture Foundation, a not-for-profit entity that encourages the placement and sharing of public art.

“Marilyn was a wonderful addition to the Plaza at 401 and she will be missed terribly; her presence was the catalyst for a wide and wonderful, sometimes provocative, range of discussion and debate in Chicago and globally, over issues as broad as women’s rights, the role of public art and feigned erotica” noted Paul M. Zeller, Chairman/CEO, Zeller Realty Group who owns Pioneer Court at 401 N Michigan Ave.
· Sculptor Seward johnson on Capturing Marilyn's Joie de Vivre [Racked]

Pioneer Court Plaza

401 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611

Pioneer Court

401 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL