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A Cool Part of Apple Culture: "The Clap Out"

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Have you ever been in the Apple Store around 5PM one day and witnessed all the specialists and geniuses not talking about computers, standing in clusters, sort of forming an aisle out of the store? They're waiting to do "The Clap Out". This is an Apple Store tradition that is done at all the major stores as way to say goodbye to their co-workers on their last day.

This happened last Friday. We witnessed one of the biggest Clap Outs that has ever happened at the Apple Store - 6 people all at the same time, when usually just one or two leave. 3 were permoted to Cupertino; 3 went on to persue other life goals. It was an intense experience (that all Apple cult members should experience at least once) because not only, as one would assume from its' coined term, people are "clapped out", but also yelled, hooted, hollered, hugged, there flowers and tears.
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