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West Grand Ave is Getting a Swanky Shop Filled With Vintage Culinary Objects

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Think about vintage. Now think the glamour of the cooking and kitchen activities way back when. We're letting you in on a soon-to be-secret on the design strip of West Grand. Marytn George, is on the verge of opening. It's a new vintage culinary store created by British-born, Chicago-based food and prop stylist Johanna Lowe.

Think specialized vintage and one-of-a-kind culinary objects ranging from European 19th century ironstone to Mid Century American barware, as well as textiles, artwork, baskets and kitchen furniture. Tasty, right?! Not too fast Miss Sticky Fingers... Martyn George isn't open just yet it happens at noon on June 9. We'll keep you updated as we get photos of the store's inventory.
· Martyn George [Tumblr]
· Johanna Lowe [Official Site]

Martyn George

1855 West Grand Ave