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Florodora's Michael Blossom on Plans for Celebrating the Shop's 5th Anniversary & What He Might be Wearing for NATO

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In the heart of the Loop, in the world's first skyscraper we call The Monadnock Building, there's a boutique and an accompanying shoe shop that belongs in this beautiful building. The building itself is as unique as the store's offerings, sales people and vision. On the cusp of celebrating their Fifth year in business in Chicago's Financial District on the weekend of NATO, we catch up with Owner of Florodora and Florodora Shoes, Michael Blossom and talk about the shop, this coming weekend and the future of Florodora.

Racked: What are Florodora's plans for NATO?
Michael: A lot of the retailers in our building are planning to close down. We're not scared about terrible things though, we're right next to the Federal Building and there's usually a pretty heavy police presence when The President comes or major things happen. We'll be open on Saturday and Monday but we're playing it by ear and may close early. I think it'll be quiet downtown because they [the media] are scarring the crap out of people.

Friday is our fifth anniversary of the clothing store and the second anniversary of the shoe store. We'll be doing our Friday trunk show this week with one of our best selling lines, Nougat London. We're also doing discounts and giveaways- but we're not telling anyone what they are until the day of. There's definitely going to be some good deals.

Racked: Whats it like to be celebrating five years of Florodora?
Michael: It's been a good ride. I feel lucky to be doing something I love and work with lots of cool creative people. My customers, my staff and the designers here-I really appreciate everyone.

Racked: Do the Florodora Girls have any big plans for the next five years?
Michael: I hope to continue to grow but the economy is still kind of sputtery but I have to make sure to make the best decision. At one time I was looking Andersonville, but not anymore and River North, even the more obvious neighborhoods like Wicker Park. But I feel like we're part of a fabric here [in the Monadnock Building] the store is part of something bigger and thats important to us.

Racked: What are you going wear for NATO?
Michael: Ooh, I'm not sure I have a favorite Rag & Bone vest I'll wear for the anniversary party. Maybe I should keep that here for the weekend!
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