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This "Man" Won $5,000 from Ellen DeGeneres Yesterday at Walgreens. He's Wearing Calvin Klein

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Yesterday afternoon we caught word that Ellen DeGeneres, host of The Ellen Show was doing something at the new concept Walgreens in Andersonville. We rushed over there only to find a bunch of people dressed in tulle, glitter, sequins, wigs and feather boas. This was all set up through Ellen's Twitter account enticing rabid fans to the neighborhood of the future for a chance to "win big" at Walgreens.

The contestants had to pick a Walgreens product and strut down a red carpet braving the paparazzi, pose and make love to the camera, reciting a funny tagline for their chosen product.

The whole segment lasted 2:47 but at the end of it all, Walgreens gave away $7,000 in gift cards to the lucky lady, gent, and ladygentleman who rocked the game the best. The winner told us he was wearing a royal blue Calvin Klein gown he [air quotes] "borrowed" from his roommate. See the full fabulous segment on Ellen's site.
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