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Is Sears Getting Its Act Together?

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In Crain's today, it is now clear that Sears is counting on tech innovation to stay afloat and make business boom once again. Apparently, at their annual meeting this morning, said Crain's, Sears is making strides to connect the brick & mortar with web and mobile presence. This makes perfect sense as 1) Sears stores house about 1 million items as opposed to Sears' online marketplace has 30 million items and 2) we spoke with Sears' head of tech at the SYWBAD reunion runway show at Underground last year. The Shop Your Way Rewards points system is going to be the powerhouse behind this plan which will allow Sears, Kmart and Land's End to market to customers cross-platform and multi-channel. But is this too little tech too late behind Target and now the new JCPenney? [Crains]