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Chicago Girls are Using an eBay/Instagram Hybrid for Clothing

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Spring cleaning is upon us, time to recycle and refresh your wardrobe in time for summer. Now thanks to this new iPhone app-do-hickey called Poshmark, you can buy and sell used clothing on your own time instead of doing a drop-off at some random consignment house. It goes like this: sellers snap a styled photo of their item on the iPhone app and within minutes, it is on the marketplace where women are constantly browsing for a great deal on quality items - like an easier eBay mixed with Instagram but only clothing, shoes and accessories can be bought. You can shop your favorite bloggers closet or find your perfect style mate.

When someone buys the item, Poshmark sends the seller a prepaid, pre-addressed label to put on the box for shipping. Unlike, consignment shops or eBay – there is no hassle and the experience is designed to be fun, social and interactive, much like shopping with friends. Poshmark also hosts fun weekly virtual shopping parties called Posh Parties with themes that will help inspire you to list and get to know the community.
· Poshmark [App Store]
· Poshmark [Official Site]