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The Ultimate in Brand Loyalty: A Tattoo

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One day back in 2009, a young lass by the name of Kelly O'Rourke was itching to get inked. She had originally wanted to get a tattoo in Latin - something that meant unique, different, "one of a kind". Then BAM! the next day, she was reading a local Chicago magazine and came across a new online shop called Laudi Vidni. Once Kelly had figured out Laudi Vidni's brand essence about creating "one of a kind" bags and that "Laudi Vidni" was "individual" backwards, she had made up her mind. As Kelly tells us, "...that phrase was a perfect description for me and for Laura Kofoid's innovative handbag business."
· Laudi Vidni [Official Site]

Laudi Vidni

1007 W Armitage, Chicago IL